Friday, September 28, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from a brandraising workshop

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So today I took a brandraising workshop a the Foundation Center in Washington, DC. It was led by Sarah, of Big Duck, who's tagline is "Smart communications for nonprofits".

I created a Storify compiled of selecte tweets from the workshop, Brandraising at the Foundation Center in DC. The Foundation Center did one as well, #Brandraising: Smart Communications for Nonprofits (in DC!). I HIGHLY recommend checking out their Storify, as they share Sarah's slides.

Anyway, I tried to highlight what I thought were the ten key takeaways from the workshop. I haven't seen her slides since the workshop, but obviously these are more or less paraphrased from the tweets between the Storify's. Here they are:

  1. Key to effective brandraising is consistency
  2. The lock to open is putting yourself in your audience's shoes
  3. Design needs to have organization in mind
  4. Shiny objects are not worth sacrificing your organization's brand recognition
  5. Branding can't solve everything
  6. Positioning can help with many things
  7. Ask not what you like but what communicates your position effectively
  8. Your organization's mission statement should be an essential part of your brandraising
  9. Acronyms should never be a part of your brandraising
  10. There is plenty of room, and NEED, for personality in your organization's brandraising
So there you have it.

Many thanks to Sarah and the folks at the Foundation Center in DC!!

Any thoughts on this list, or the tweets? Anything you'd add or even disagree with?

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