Thursday, April 18, 2013

Want to claim your Facebook Interest page?

Hey there,

So some of you might be asking what an Interest page is (and if your aren't, then just skip to the next paragraph, and while there's no question I could find answering that on Facebook, well...the best I could do is say that it's like a community page, except you aren't able to claim it (to my knowledge).

This came up when a fellow social media manager with another GALA Choruses member chorus asked how to go about claiming their interest page. After google'ing and looking at Facebook's help section, as well as exploring the interest page in question, here's what I came up with.
Hey M------, to answer your question (at least what little I could find out personally, it doesn't seem taking ownership is something that's possible. The best you can do is edit the page and "Add An Official Page". 

Unfortunately, only certain types of organizations are allowed to added: 
"Is Columbus Gay Men's Chorus an unofficial Page about a brand, celebrity, or organization? If so, enter the official Page here. This is a way to show that this Page is about a brand, celebrity or organization, but doesn't officially represent it." 
As you can see, when you just type in "Gay Men's Chorus", GMC's which are categorized as musician/band (which I suppose falls under the celebrity category) pop up, but as CGMC's type is "Music Store", that might not fall within their parameters of association. 
Just a working theory at this moment, though. Curious what others have found out and know about this.
So, yeah. Anyone else have any experiences with this? Does this jive with your own interactions with interest pages? Is there actually a way to go about claiming yours? Please let me and other curious minds know, in the comments.


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