Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Different admin roles for Facebook pages

Hey there,

Just thought I'd briefly highlight the different admin roles that are your option for Facebook pages.

You've got:

  • Insights Analyst
  • Advertiser
  • Moderator
  • Content Creator
  • Manager
Here's a handy chart Facebook has, highlighting the different capabilities of each role.

As you can see, responsibilities are more or less cumulative.

For small arts organizations or ensemble, I'd probably recommend just worrying about the Manager, Moderator, and Insights Analyst roles, which the rest of this post will discuss.

First, you should definitely have more than one Manager. This is good housekeeping, should anything happen to the primary one, either a temporary situation (such as illness, technical issues, etc.) or permanent.

I would also encourage having a handful of people in leadership positions set as moderators on your page. Even if some aren't comfortable creating content and administering the page, in being a Manager, everyone should at least be knowledgeable and responsible enough to reply intelligently to comments.

And I think the Insights Analyst role is a great one for any individual who might not be great at engaging with your community, but they love crunching numbers.

Because, if you're not at least measuring your efforts and using the data you have on hand, someone else is. And ultimately, the more time you plan into seeing what works for you and your community, the type of content that engages them, the times and days, etc (all of which will continue to change as time goes on and your audience grows), you'll spend less time guessing and more time being effective and efficient with your engagement.

So if one of your main page manager's isn't doing this (which they should be, and that's advice I need to take myself), tag someone who will for the role.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Having multiple admins functioning in various capacities is a great option to explore, plus it's an excellent way to make sure your social media presence and efforts aren't being silo'ed or happening in a vacuum, disconnected from the rest of the company or organization.

I will highlight the Content Creator and Advertiser roles in a future post, for anyone interested. Wanted to highlight some roles just as a starting point for those who might not have explored them that much, yet. In the meantime, let me know what you think about any of my suggestions, in the comments,


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