Friday, March 22, 2013

Facebook Friday: A selection of articles

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Just thought I'd highlight some pieces from the last week that might be of interest. With all the noise and clutter over the week, wanted to provide another way to share content that might've easily been missed during the week, or that I might've missed myself.

So check out some of these pieces about Facebook news, including a reminder about metrics, advertising, hashtags, cover images, and tips for nonprofits.
  • 6 Facebook Metrics Marketers Should Be Measuring, 3/18/13 - "Do you track your Facebook marketing? Do you feel lost when you’re looking at your Facebook Page statistics? Well, you’re not alone. Facebook metrics can be overwhelming and most Facebook Insights terminology is still hazy for many of us."
    Read more at Social Media Examiner
  • Facebook's New Pitch to Advertisers: We Can ID Groups That Buy Your Products, 3/20/13 - "Facebook is now able to connect the dots between users on its network and their purchasing habits, and is using that data to pitch advertisers. To be sure, Facebook is not identifying users by name to advertisers. Instead, it is matching up its own data with that of partner Datalogix in a double-blind fashion."
    Read more at Mashable
  • Facebook Hashtags: What Will They Mean for Brands and Users?, 3/20/13 - "Facebook is shifting into territory occupied by networks like Twitter and Instagram with the re-introduction of a chronological newsfeed and hashtags. The WSJ reported this last week Facebook is moving to allow users to engage around topics by using a hashtag field in status updates, that would (presumably) be viewable openly by Facebook's 1 billion users."
    Read more at Social Media Today
  • Facebook Now Allows Calls to Action on Facebook Page Cover Images, 3/21/13 - "Without fanfare, it seems that Facebook may now be allowing calls to action on Facebook Page cover images. Take a look at the Pages Terms. Up until today, the 17th December version of the platform prevented any kind of marketing in the cover image, and also – as with any promoted image – text was not allowed to comprise more than 20% of the image area."
    Read more at Social Media Today
  • Facebook Shares Best Tips for Non-Profits, 3/21/13 - "Facebook's strategic partnerships manager Libby Leffler works to ensure non-profits and causes on Facebook understand how to use the platform to best reach their communities and make the strongest impact. She says the biggest struggle non-profits have with Facebook is not understanding how to best use the platform's tools to engage with their communities."
    Read more at Mashable
That's it for this week. Hope you found some of these useful!!

Let me know in the comments, what you think, and what you'd like to see more of,


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