Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creating events: my ritual

Hey there,

So I thought I'd just walk you through my ritual when creating event pages for a performance at Dance Place. It helps to do this all at once, so that I can save time copying and pasting the lowest common denominator, in terms of text.

I know, thank you captain obvious.

Anyway, I start by creating a new page to be added to our Facebook Events.

I make sure, in addition to including all the text that we might have on our website, but I also make sure to include the link to the event page on our site with specific instructions that people should share the link with any friends who aren't on Facebook.

I also make sure to take advantage of the "Tickets" field, which allows you to "Add a link for guests to buy tickets" at. And this should go directly to the ticket buying page, the last possible link you can copy and paste, because anything less kinda defeats the purpose.

If the company/organization performing has a Facebook page, I also include the URL.

Finally, I make sure to upload a photo in accordance to the relatively new layout and dimensions for event pages, which I blogged about recently here.

Next, I create an Event page on Google+.

I do this because it has the most text in common with the Facebook event. The only thing I change is to include a URL to the company's website, instead of it's Facebook page.

Next I add the performances to our Foursquare page's list of Scheduled Events, so people can check in, not just to our venue, but to what's actually happening.

This is pretty simple as the only info needed is the name of the event, the day, and then the start and end times.

Finally, I wrap up my event creating ritual by creating a pin on Pinterest, to add to our Season's board.

This doesn't take too long, so it justifies the fact that I'm not quite sure how functional it is, as of yet. I know Goldstar puts out ticket and event info, so maybe it's just a matter of time before Dance Place's audience and community, at least those on Pinterest, use it to start sharing upcoming events, maybe even as a way to collect pins of what they've seen. Who knows.

But Pinterest is pretty simple because all you have to do is upload the image, include the basic info (in which case I list the name of the company or title of the piece, the photographer, the dates, and then hashtags). As far as the link to our website? You get to add that in an edit after you upload the image and create the pin.

Anyway, that's that. Just thought I'd share. What's your event creating ritual? Are there any other places you create events? How far in advance do you create them?

Did you get any new ideas from this post? Or do you have any thoughts? Let me know in the comments,


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