Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Belated Women's History Month

Hey there,

So by the time I posted a link on Facebook, I realized that my comment had turned into a blog post on its own....and here it is:
Happy International Women's Day, as I share this HuffPost Arts & Culture link forward, from my Hashtag the Arts page. 
Something I put out there for consideration, to other social media managers in the arts: if you aren't already, this is a great opportunity to highlight the women involved in your work and/or your organization's history, in terms of relevant and timely content to throw into your communications mix. Maybe even just in terms women that have inspired and influenced you and your company's mission. 
But that's just in the context of my FB page; obviously folks in any sector would do well to consider what they might be able to share throughout March. Unless you are already. And then all I have to say is "Kudos"!!
The link was 10 Female Artists to Watch in 2013. And I recommend liking HuffPost Arts & Culture's Facebook page, if you don't already, as well as follow them on Twitter, or at least list them.

Because sharing is caring, and a wonderful source like that will give you something to share in between the moments when you actually have the time and energy to put together your own content.

So whether this is already a part of your communication plan and strategy or not, would love for you to share whatever you've got in the comments here.

Also feel free to share it on Hashtag the Arts' Facebook page and tag it on Twitter to be considered for Retweeting!!

Finally, would definitely love to hear your feedback in terms of your thoughts, questions, aha moments, whatever you are willing to share,


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